Programs & Services

The Foundation provides critical support to those that are among the most needy by funding and coordinating medical and dental services, vision care, medications, medical supplies, interim housing, public transportation vouchers and educational assistance.  It provides direct programming for cultural and recreational activities, as well as workshops on topics such as financial literacy, health/wellness and job skills.

Innovative Impact

The Foundation also provides financial support for the innovative programs that have made the Orange County Collaborative Courts a model across the country and thorough-out the world.

The award-winning Combat Veterans Court Mentoring program partners successful community volunteers, all combat veterans themselves, with participants in the program.  These mentors are able to assist the vets to secure employment, restore relationships with family and friends and resume their position as productive members of society. 

For juvenile participants, the Rock Climbing program improves their physical and mental health strength. This and other funded programs, instill discipline, self-confidence and give these at-risk teens the life-skills they need to change the direction of their lives.