About Us

In 2001, Kathy Burnham – now Executive Director of the Foundation - established a volunteer support group in response to needs identified by the five drug court programs in Orange County. The Court found that serving the participants with substance abuse treatment and having them report regularly to probation was effective, but there were a lot of unmet issues.

Kathy formally established the Drug Court Foundation – a project of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, in 2006.  Two years later, she established the Community Courts Foundation, now named the Collaborative Courts Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide additional supportive services to help defendants get back on their feet and meet the goals of their program, in order for them to graduate.

As the years have passed, the Superior Court has implemented additional collaborative court programs, including four mental health courts, a juvenile drug court, a dependency drug court, five DUI courts, a Combat Veterans Court, and a Homeless Outreach Court. Since the beginning of the Foundation, it has continued to enhance its partnerships and collaborations in order to meet the specific needs identified for the participants.

What The Judges Say:

“The Foundation is the jewel in our crown. It is what makes our programs truly outstanding by offering assistance with dental and educational needs, job skills and opportunities for personal growth. The Foundation can be counted upon to support our clients. “
- Hon. Wendy Lindley, Judge of the Superior Court – Central Justice Center

“Successful rehabilitation takes a community dedicated to providing real, practical help. Here, the Foundation has led the way, linking services with needs, opportunities with interest, and experiences with dreams. We owe much of our success to the Foundation.”
- Hon. Matthew Anderson, Judge of the Superior Court – Harbor Justice Center, Newport Beach

“The Collaborative Courts take the negative event of arrest and turn it into a positive for the defendant and society. The Foundation plays a critically important role in the success of our participants and our programs.”
- Hon. Carl Biggs, Judge of the Superior Court – Harbor Justice Center, Newport Beach