People can rise above their circumstances.  All they need is the will and a helping hand.  There is an alternative to a lifetime of addiction, incarceration, or dependence on public programs.  The 19 Collaborative Courts programs, operating alongside the traditional court system, address issues of substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness by providing non-violent offenders judicial supervision with rigorously monitored rehabilitation services.

The Orange County Collaborative Courts are recognized as among the best in the nation and the world.  Combat veterans, at-risk teens, victims of mental illness, and those on the run from abusive homes are assisted in finding jobs, restoring family relationships and assuming positions as productive members of society.  Armed with discipline, self-confidence, and valuable life skills, these people rise.

In Orange County in 2018 alone, savings realized from providing life-changing alternatives instead of incarceration amounted to over $11.2 million dollars.  The reward is knowing that the results are measured not only in dollars, but in lives transformed.  These programs save money, save lives and make our communities safer.

At the Foundation, we help program participants break the cycle of incarceration and re-arrest.  We open the eyes of men, women, and youthful offenders to the kind of life that could be theirs.  Armed with awareness, tools, and skills, the idea of a better life becomes more than a dream; it becomes a viable reality.  Program participants must work hard. They learn how to take control. They see that the future is in their own hands.  Our goal is to help them grasp it. 

Please visit the Orange County Collaborative Courts website for more information.  To download a copy of the Collaborative Courts 2016 Annual Report:  CLICK HERE.